The History of Our Neighborhood

The old picture of the school-1The old picture of the school-2MuZha Junior High School was founded in the fall of 1925, a time when Taiwan was colonized by Japanese. With only one class, it was first named MuZha Agricultural Cram School, located at MuZha village. In 1931, Advanced Class was increased, and the school was denominated Agricultural Specialized School. In 1957, Ministry of Education assigned the school to found 4H-Club of MuZha. Students who graduated from MuZha High School contributed greatly to the local community.

Until 1967, there were 24 classes and the total enrollment was up to around 1000. In the meantime, three buildings were constructed, equipment renewed, and the environment beautified. The school started to shape up.

On July first, 1968, the school was renamed as Taipei Municipal MuZha Junior High School.Up to now, there are 31 classes and the number of students is about 1,100. Night school was founded in August, 1976. It now has six classes with nearly 200 students. After the Retrocession of Taiwan in 1945, MuZha Junior High School has been under the wise leadership of twelve principals.

The old picture of the school-3The old picture of the school-4The incumbent principal, Mrs. Wang Yi-Lan who assumed office in August 2002, is striving towards the goal, based on the ideal of whole-person education, of developing MuZha Junior High to be a miniature school but with beauty and delicacy. With the belief of refined education and with the efforts made by all the teachers and staff, it is certain that we can cultivate students in learning and citizenship, and expect them to posses the qualities of confidence, responsibility and happy learning under the high quality learning atmosphere. In that way, the school can deserve its name as an excellent “Lighthouse School”.