The Goals of School Development

  • Promote the school-oriented course “ reading“ and perform the reading education.
  • Further the depth and scope of teaching and the ability of teaching specialization.
  • Improve teachers’ accomplishments of information through Information Evaluation.
  • Bring “ post-school artists “ into practice, and enhance students the temperaments of arts and humanity.
  • Cooperate with Wan-Fang Elementary School to do the Action Research of “ the Cultivation Plan “ –linking elementary school courses with junior high courses in Grade 1-9 curriculum.
  • Strengthen students' living education, and mold the norms and values of a team.
  • Offer diverse school clubs and scouting activities to develop the potential of students.
  • Continue taking the profession-promotion courses of teachers with Wen-Shan Community University.
  • Open intensive classes for outstanding students and Improvement classes for students with learning difficulties in English and Math, in order to carry out the ideas of diverse education.
  • Execute the guidance of priority concerned students and dropping-out students.
  • Vision of our school:
    The holistic education is the core of our school, so as to foster confidence, responsible and plenty-learning students.